Month: May 2016 – Hunter OR Columbus

Well the journey of this OWL started on 8th March 2016 from Mumbai and its got its eyes set on the world. is the new kid on the block of this magnificent country’s huge and marvellous handicraft and handmade products trade in India.

I set to form this idea in August 2015 and we didn’t know what to name the website. The idea was clear to create a marketplace for Artists/ Curators or those people who create magic with their hands. What do we name this venture ? many options came to our mind whacky, tacky and not so funky. Then it struck  O W L….who looks for HANDART so was born.

Arty Owl FB jpgs2

I faced this question , Why the OWL ? well here are my logical explanations (if so), well I’ve taken my observations from wikipedia and quoting them accordingly

Vision & Hearing 

Owls possess large forward-facing eyes and ear-holes – So looks for art / handicraft,  handmade products with great focus and listens clearly for every sound, Most of the birds have their eyes on the sides , but the stereoscopic nature of the owl’s forward-facing eyes permits the greater sense of depth. Don’t forget the NOCTURNAL capabilities.

Owls can rotate their heads and necks as much as 270 degrees – We try 360 Degrees approach and have a vision and lookout for those treasures and surface them on , the only portal for handicraft and handmade products with a niche approach to its product category.


The owls ability to focus and attack stealthily to achieve what it set out to do. We focus hard on somethings thats out of the box and really outstanding.

Unseen art and unheard artists get this platform to share their work and fine piece of work without worrying of logistics , payment gateways and much more. A common platform and  a place where people can look , sell , find and SHOP exclusive out of the box creations which is not available in the MALLS or the STALLS.

So this OWL who is the COLUMBUS of OWLS is actually just looking for such treasures only for the world to love it and own it.

See a few of creations by our great artisans.