Dislike to “LIKE”

dislike.jpg                                                                                       To like.jpg

We are the middle aged confused generation who were born during the times when we got real toys to play in our childhood and we played with Rain water , Cricket , Sakli, Lagori , Chor Police and what not…nostalgic right? The new generation (if you notice has a complete different usage to Social Media)

And look at us now…, i mean we all (mostly) have crossed our teens and youth (almost) and suddenly we found a new tool ” F A C E B O O K ” , T W I T T E R, etc.

In this blog i would like to do a small dissection of the social media users like us who have a completely new meaning to this exciting tool

Ive seen people check in from the following

1.) Paris etc – Ok we understand you want your 800 odd friends to know you can afford a European holiday
2.) Restaurants – Wonder why would somebody be interested to know you eating Steak ?
3.) Stations – Weird anyways
4.) Airports – Whats the world gonna do ?, If only FB check in’s gave Boarding cards as well.

Maybe its just me who never understood the ideology beneath all this vague sharing of whereabouts and information of a person. What does one do with such information. We have come to such times , (i feel ), that i need not tell anyone where I am. Those who close to me or for whom i matter they know where i am and what im upto, those who dont care need not know anyways.

Lets analyse what has social media taken away from us

1.) Personal Touch
2.) Actual Phone calls
3.) Made us Arm Chair Critics ( People just express their disgust on Social media and do nothing physical about it), Was wondering if writing on social media solved issues this world would be a much better place.

Lets analyse what has social media has made us

2.) Philosophers , who only preach don’t practise
3.) Activists (only form the Tables/Arm Chairs)
4.) Rumour Mongers
5.) Jealous Stalkers
6.) We wish Dead People , though there is no evidence FB works in Hell or Heaven.
7.) Spiritual – Though we not but oddly we share a GODLY image and show our “THAT” side.
8.) Photo Flooders.
9.) We wish Birthdays and anniversaries to ur Spouse , children on FB, WHY? cant we just go hug n kiss and wish them ?

Also a lot of good things have emerged from the CORRECT use of Social media

1.) Awareness
2.) Finding Missing People
3.) Medical emergencies and sharing of experiences
4.) Cost effective Advertising
5.) Improvise community living and sharing important information.

My this blog isn’t to target people who do all the above but only to stress that we can harness the power of social media for improving mankind and never  in history it has been that so many HUMANS have a real time connect with each other  around the world.

Share information responsibly.  We must come out of the shell and pledge to change the social media usage only to improve our living.


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