Dislike to “LIKE”

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We are the middle aged confused generation who were born during the times when we got real toys to play in our childhood and we played with Rain water , Cricket , Sakli, Lagori , Chor Police and what not…nostalgic right? The new generation (if you notice has a complete different usage to Social Media)

And look at us now…, i mean we all (mostly) have crossed our teens and youth (almost) and suddenly we found a new tool ” F A C E B O O K ” , T W I T T E R, etc.

In this blog i would like to do a small dissection of the social media users like us who have a completely new meaning to this exciting tool

Ive seen people check in from the following

1.) Paris etc – Ok we understand you want your 800 odd friends to know you can afford a European holiday
2.) Restaurants – Wonder why would somebody be interested to know you eating Steak ?
3.) Stations – Weird anyways
4.) Airports – Whats the world gonna do ?, If only FB check in’s gave Boarding cards as well.

Maybe its just me who never understood the ideology beneath all this vague sharing of whereabouts and information of a person. What does one do with such information. We have come to such times , (i feel ), that i need not tell anyone where I am. Those who close to me or for whom i matter they know where i am and what im upto, those who dont care need not know anyways.

Lets analyse what has social media taken away from us

1.) Personal Touch
2.) Actual Phone calls
3.) Made us Arm Chair Critics ( People just express their disgust on Social media and do nothing physical about it), Was wondering if writing on social media solved issues this world would be a much better place.

Lets analyse what has social media has made us

2.) Philosophers , who only preach don’t practise
3.) Activists (only form the Tables/Arm Chairs)
4.) Rumour Mongers
5.) Jealous Stalkers
6.) We wish Dead People , though there is no evidence FB works in Hell or Heaven.
7.) Spiritual – Though we not but oddly we share a GODLY image and show our “THAT” side.
8.) Photo Flooders.
9.) We wish Birthdays and anniversaries to ur Spouse , children on FB, WHY? cant we just go hug n kiss and wish them ?

Also a lot of good things have emerged from the CORRECT use of Social media

1.) Awareness
2.) Finding Missing People
3.) Medical emergencies and sharing of experiences
4.) Cost effective Advertising
5.) Improvise community living and sharing important information.

My this blog isn’t to target people who do all the above but only to stress that we can harness the power of social media for improving mankind and never  in history it has been that so many HUMANS have a real time connect with each other  around the world.

Share information responsibly.  We must come out of the shell and pledge to change the social media usage only to improve our living.


ArtyOwl.com – Hunter OR Columbus

Well the journey of this OWL started on 8th March 2016 from Mumbai and its got its eyes set on the world. ArtyOwl.com is the new kid on the block of this magnificent country’s huge and marvellous handicraft and handmade products trade in India.

I set to form this idea in August 2015 and we didn’t know what to name the website. The idea was clear to create a marketplace for Artists/ Curators or those people who create magic with their hands. What do we name this venture ? many options came to our mind whacky, tacky and not so funky. Then it struck  O W L….who looks for HANDART so ArtyOwl.com was born.

Arty Owl FB jpgs2

I faced this question , Why the OWL ? well here are my logical explanations (if so), well I’ve taken my observations from wikipedia and quoting them accordingly

Vision & Hearing 

Owls possess large forward-facing eyes and ear-holes – So ArtyOwl.com looks for art / handicraft,  handmade products with great focus and listens clearly for every sound, Most of the birds have their eyes on the sides , but the stereoscopic nature of the owl’s forward-facing eyes permits the greater sense of depth. Don’t forget the NOCTURNAL capabilities.

Owls can rotate their heads and necks as much as 270 degrees – We try 360 Degrees approach and have a vision and lookout for those treasures and surface them on Artyowl.com , the only portal for handicraft and handmade products with a niche approach to its product category.


The owls ability to focus and attack stealthily to achieve what it set out to do. We focus hard on somethings thats out of the box and really outstanding.

Unseen art and unheard artists get this platform to share their work and fine piece of work without worrying of logistics , payment gateways and much more. A common platform and  a place where people can look , sell , find and SHOP exclusive out of the box creations which is not available in the MALLS or the STALLS.

So this OWL who is the COLUMBUS of OWLS is actually just looking for such treasures only for the world to love it and own it.

See a few of creations by our great artisans.


Everybody Hurts….Sometimes.

Well I think the Title suggests or hints that im really sad, heartbroken devastated and sitting with my “RUM” in a dim lit room and listening to this lovely track by R.E.M. , …..No ….Nothing like that is happening.

Im right in the middle of the Week and the Middle of that day simply landed on this track which was playing in the back ground on iTunes ( i usually work like that) and stopped and played it in loop for at least 1-15 times i think. WHY???No clue Lets analyse.

Im so glad first of all we have belong to this BLOG generation where we can TYPE our thoughts than simply PEN them, imagine me writing all this in my Doctor like handwriting. ( pun intended)

Im sure all of you who are reading this BLOG have heard this song those who haven’t kindly return to your graves as you really don’t Belong to this Century. R.E.M has really managed to write and sing this lovely song and the closest any other song got to that feeling can be Pharell Williams – Happy.

Ok lets move on why am i writing this blog with this Song Name ???

What is really interesting is the video that goes so well with the song and the characters in it. It actually does the same to you real time. Suddenly you , he and the persons listening to this song get lost in their own thoughts. It did that to me and i started thinking what is that guy thinking now. Flashes of thoughts , events, memories cross your mind when the music is on and the melodious voice of Michael Stipe comes in.

The Lyrics :

When your day is long
And the night, the night is yours alone
When you’re sure you’ve had enough
Of this life, well hang on

Don’t let yourself go
‘Cause everybody cries
And everybody hurts sometimes

Sometimes everything is wrong
Now it’s time to sing along
When your day is night alone (Hold on, hold on)
If you feel like letting go (Hold on)
If you think you’ve had too much
Of this life, well hang on

WOW…simply makes you feel so different , Nostalgic ?….maybe. What we can do while listening to this song is ask the following “SELF INTROSPECTION” questions

1.) Have I hurt anyone?, Am I the cause of Someone’s SADNESS?

If any of those answers come remotely YES. Time to make them smile . Go On EDIT YOUR KARMA as i will now.

Motorcycle Diaries (Blog rather)

The First Day

The First Day

My first ever blog:

Well it all started when i was 16 somewhere in 1988 in Mumbai as my brother had a 2 wheeler called HERO HONDA CD 100, a 100 cc motorcycle. A black sleek yet somewhat powerful bike ( somewhat is sarcastic tone in comparison to the Yamaha RX100 which was its closest competitor) . Well thats all i had so loved it.  In fact is still remember the licence plate number 2543. My first ever introduction to a thing called BIKE 

I had mastered that 100 cc beast could easily do stunts , ride at high speeds control less with brakes and more with Gears as the pundits said ” RELY LESS ON BRAKES and more on gears” sounded like a Warning before marriage. Wheelies , 360 Deg, Bunny Hop were some of the terms used to impress the chicks who either took us for CRAZY guys or members of Bombay Circus. We would zoom across on Khar , Bandra streets like manics, race from here ( bandra) to Lonavala and back and what not. What crazy days. I still remember putting petrol for Rs 50 and would calculate ” 2 litres maan, we can run the bike for 2 days or more.”. 🙂

Shy lookk

Times have really flown at SONIC speeds ever since those days. Marriage clouds engulfed me, i became a “QUICK” father and got into the usual race of life , earning bread, butter, chicken and some Whisky. Well that was not the only reason that bike was taken away from me. It all so happened one morning i was supposed to drop cheques of my family business to a bank which was 1 km away . My usual route would be 3 kms to reach the bank, 15th Road, Carter Road, Pali Hill and finally the bank at Union Park . That day it was usual day , at Pali hill i met my another crazy friend who was riding in the morning on his HONDA VT250 , Mushtaq actually the late Mushtaq (RIP BRO, he died while doing the rapids at the Himachal) and he asked me “VROOM VROOM ” language, lets race and i was giving him “GYAN” dude its not about the power in your bike only , its the control first, skill & then speed. Vroom we sped off and were negotiating the bends of Pali hill and started going downhill at maybe 60 kmph or so ( no disc brakes in those days ) and i realised ” WOW IM WINNING” and pepped more and saw a Auto rickshaw stopped or screeched right in the middle of the road to pick a passenger ( as usual these guys *#&@%@#” you all must have understood my love for them by now) and in the last minute i tried to slip the bike though a small gap between the stalled Rickshaw and oncoming traffic and i lost control , brushed another oncoming rickshaw and head on in another vehicle, BOOM CRASH . After 30 seconds or so opened my eyes, people around me , im lying on the mud bed on the road only to realise that i was bleeding from top to toe of only bruises “thankfully”. Well that was the last day of my riding in the millenium and the last i saw 2543.

CUT and now straight lets pan our minds to this year 2014. The motorcyclist or the rider in me was in induced coma only to be revived after my tryst with the new age or old age bikes newly arrived in India. The Harley Davidson, thanks to my pal Ameya Kapnadak who had a hereditary rider in him. Credit to his dad Mr Ajit Kapnadak who had a lovely black n white picture of himself with his beast TRIUMPH Bonneville i think. All that glossary  was running through my mind and not to forget Ameya ( AK as i call him, though his initials are similar to the Anarchist Arvind Kejriwal) allowing me to ride his HD Iron 883 whom he called “MELLISSA” , yeah we named our bikes, cars . Not Funny !. Well now he has moved to “STREET BOB” , thats his picture with “JESSICA” and none of those names are his ex girlfriends or current 😉 Ameya & his new Bike STREET BOB

The induced Coma was fading a bit as i felt the KEEDA of riding arousing again in me. Well destiny had something else in store still , there is another Kahani me twist, i went ahead and booked a ROYAL ENFIELD CLASSIC 500 for Rs 1000, waiting period 10 months. Whoa. Patiently waited and was getting that fear mixed excitement and had questions in mind ” will i be able to? what will dad say ? Yes dad would have been pissed off”  Well somehow stuck to my guns and got a call in August 12 from the showroom , ” Sir your bike is ready” pay the balance and go ahead. I was leaving for GOA for my son’s cricket tournament so thought will come back and take it. That time a EUREKA thought also came to my mind, ” why don’t i rent a Enfield in GOA so it will acquaint me well with the heavy bike “ and yes all fell in place. Found an agent in Vasco who rented me a BRAND NEW Enfield 350 for Rs 500 a day. I was excited and rode to the hotel , parked it and was loving it so far, me n wifey went for a ride and i felt good back again. Then typically like in a hindi film, lightning struck in the skies above, wind blew hard  temple bells started ringing on their own…Stop nothing like that happened just another tragedy struck me and wife both skidded and fell of the bike in motion while trying to save a crossing dog. CRASH BOOM BANG. in Hospital again.

Stiched & bruised three of us flew back to Mumbai and amidst that pain was the joy of victory as my sons school won its first ever trophy in cricket. They won the finals ( typically Indian styles though 😉 ) Well i had to sell off the unclaimed bike and signed the form with a plaster on my elbow and another thought ” I WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO RIDE AGAIN” and forgot about it and moved on. Stiches, bruises started curing and so the coma was out guess it was like the Hindi movies if you hit the same place on the head again and voila it revives the MEMORY. So the first accident and now the second hmmmm.

Me & AK again my partner in riding and my Guru went to Royal Enfield showroom and YES booked a New THUNDERBIRD 500 for Rs 5000 and waiting 6 months. Well ok “lets see” was the thought in me. Finally came July 2013 , got the same kind of call ” Sir your bike is ready” again was gripped by that mixed fear with excitement and then finally all fell in place and went and paid the balance. The D DAY was June 14th and it arrived to the showroom and was called and told Sir please take your bike else we will have to park outside the showroom whole night. It was pouring cats and dogs and water logging everywhere so thought what to do. Well nothing stopped me and my wife she handed me my new helmet and said to a sulking me ” Go Get it “ sounded so similar to she handing me a Helmet and asking me to fly my Jaguar and BOMB the shit out of the Enemy ( We all know what i meant here :-)) , and i buckled up, rather saddled up, and left . Oh no tika on the forehead etc. She just clicked a pic on the phone. Ja mere Sher.

Getting Ready to go Home

And it came home that day itself its almost one year. Ridden like about 1300 kms much much less than AK who must be having a riding record of 10000 kms i guess. Finally felt so recovered , no more coma, loss of memory. Passion was on its high. Love it so much that i ride it everyday for 3-6 kms and now going to take a first solo ride of mine on 26th Jan and also will start a journey of writing / blogging my experiences of my bike n me till i breathe last. RIDE ON.


ME All geared up

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